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Retention efforts must start on the employee's first day of work which means having a good Orientation Plan. The purpose of Orientation is to make sure that employees know what to do and how to do it.  The objectives of Orientation are therefore: To reduce anxiety: Introduce employees to their new work environment and colleagues. Help understand the organisation and its culture: Share the organisation’s background, values and strategic overview and key policies. Share basic Information/Work Behaviour: Working hours, Dress Code, Initial meetings with management. Convey what is expected from the job: Discuss job descriptions, roles and expectations, outline objectives of personal performance management plan including 90-day review. Tips to Retain Your Best Employees:   Select the right person, for the right job as the starting point. Offer an attractive, competitive, benefits package with components such as pension –and medical aid contribution. Provide opportunities for people to share their ideas and knowledge via...