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The incidence of toxic leadership and organisations is on the increase and if not addressed it will most definitely negatively impact the world of work, employees, organisational well-being as well as organisational performance, sustainability and outcomes. It is thus, important that we understand the nature, dynamics and evolution of toxic leadership and organisations, in a holistic and systemic way.[1] “Toxic Leadership is characterized by mistreatment of subordinates in a corporate structure, resulting in a destructive and harmful working environment”. The toxic leader will think “I am always right”, it is always about “I, me and myself”,” turning a blind eye” when work needs to be done, has “clique mentality” by having small inner circle of followers and often heard saying “I meant it then, but not anymore”.[2] Dr Paul Vorster from the Ethics Institute, South Africa defined the following characteristics of toxic leadership:[3] Toxic leaders intentionally make decisions that benefit them and harm their followers and organisations over the long-term.Toxic leaders prefer to coerce followers and be in...